About Koponi

Koponi is more than a BRAND, it is a FAMILY. Koponi (which means ‘Trading Site’ in Swahili) is a family-owned and operated business in the heartland of Nebraska.

Travelling across an ocean.

Connecting farmers to consumers.

Premium Vanilla.

From the Comoros Islands

From Chouani in the Comoros Islands, the Koponi family has been known for its ability to gather the community and create joyful bartering opportunities. As a business, Koponi is working hard to bring that joy to the rest of the world by manufacturing and processing ethically sourced goods.

Our Founder and Support

The dedication of Fouad MHADJI with the support of the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation and assistance of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Food Innovation Center led to a manufacturing business established in Grand Island, NE in 2021.

Bond Between Farmers and Costomers

From our family and friends’ farms to you, we guarantee the highest quality products to our consumers while supporting the economy and family farms in Comoros. Our staff strives to make a connection in between our farmers and our customers. This bond is what makes us stronger as a company.

Who We Are

We are a young business driven by the power of family and guided by the passion of exceptional products. Our vanilla is of the highest quality, is produced ethically, and affords dignity to the producers. We are committed to fair trade, ethical sourcing and wellness. Our mission is to create and maintain a sustainable trade market for farmers and their families while delivering premium products.

Here at Koponi we value integrity. We believe that it is important to know the product you consume:

Where does it come from?

Cormoros is an island located off the eastern coast of Africa, between Madagascar and Mozambique. The tropical climate is ideal for producing what we believe to be the finest vanilla beans.

Want to see the growing the process? Click here to learn more!

How is it made?

Vanilla beans are the seed pods of particular species of orchids and are extremely labor-intensive to produce.

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Who made it?

From the farmers in Comoros to the Food Innovation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, our Koponi Vanilla Team works together to ensure high quality products.

Want to see the growing the process? Click here to learn more!

Contact Us

Our team is more than ready to assist you. For information, wholesale, questions, advice, comments, complaints…please contact us! Fill out the contact form below or give us a call at (308) 370-8870.

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