Learn about the Vanilla Growing Process

Our vanilla plants are grown in the Comoros Islands and flown to Nebraska for processing.

Travelling across an ocean.

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Planting the Vanilla Vine

This process is done by hand-planting old vines one by one.

photo of a vanilla orchid in the pollination stage in the Comoros Islands

Pollination Stage

At this stage, the farmer is responsible to determine which orchid is mature enough to be pollinated

Man's hands holding a vanilla flower showing the ongoing pollination.

Ongoing Pollination

Using hand based ancestral techniques, farmers use a small wooden stick to allow the orchid to grow into a vanilla bean.

Mature green vanilla bean in the Comoros Islands.

Green Vanilla Beans

Green vanilla beans almost at the maturation stage and nearing harvest.

cured vanilla beans

Cured Vanilla Beans

Curing vanilla beans begins with sun drying the mature green vanilla beans. The beans are vapor heated to allow the release of their aroma and flavor. Curing techniques can have different effects on the taste of the same crop.